Leather Accord


At Smell Lab, Berlin.

hosted by Chiara Antoniacomi

in collaboration with Smell Lab, Berlin.


Did you know that leather is one of the earliest notes in perfumery? Rooted in the tradition of the 16th-century Parisian glove makers, and their tradition of perfuming and re-odorizing the gloves with musks and oils to mask the scent of animal skin, this is how our present notion of the smell of leather was created.

Join us in this wonderful workshop to discover the history of the leather accord and its technical blending! We will smell some current perfumes in the market, analyze them, we will also evaluate the raw materials used for a leather accord in a cross-sensorial process, we will learn how to blend a standard leather accord, and last but not least, we will have time to experiment and make our own variations!

This workshop will be conducted by Chiara Antoniacomi, a fragrance evaluator at Symrise in Milan, who graduated from the Isipca European Fragrance and Cosmetic Master.

If you have been wanting to know everything about leather fragrances, this is your chance!


Date: 15/02/2020

Time: 3:30 – 7:00 PM

Location: Smell Lab (Winsstr. 42, 10405, Berlin)

Instructor: Chiara Antoniacomi

Cost: 75 Euros (65 Euros students and unemployed)

TICKETS: https://www.klararavat.com/product-page/leather-accord-perfume-workshop


During this workshop we will:

+ Review the history of leather perfumes

+ Smell 3 archetype leather perfumes that have been or are in the market

+ Analyze and evaluate raw materials (natural and synthetics)

+ Make one to three standard leather accord (evaluating formulas)

+ Experimenting: make your accord variation!


You will leave the Smell Lab with 2 bottles: one standard leather accord blend, and your very own variation!

About Chiara Antoniacomi:

Chiara is a fragrance evaluator passionate about olfactory communication. Combining her studies in plant-animal chemical ecology with a master in perfumery, Antoniacomi's goal is to work with odors that are able to connect mankind and nature.

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