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IRRATIONAL SCENTS - A Collective Experiment

Miguel Matos + Klara Ravat

20 August 2022, 6-9 PM, Smell Lab Berlin

IRRATIONAL SCENTS - A Collective Experiment

Composing scent is often a lonely and mainly rational process. One may feel isolated, trapped into structures and chemical reactions, in order to achieve what must be an emotional result sparked by an olfactory work. What if we broke this mold and turned it into a collective, irrational experience? Much like the Surrealists used to do in their work originally, we want to get together and share a moment that is not guided by logic and rules. What will happen if we let go of the idea of perfection, and of things making sense? What if we discard the notions of authorship, and just abandon ourselves to what happens by sheer improvise (and luck)? With this experience, we want to create scents using the technique of the Cadavre Exquis, not with visual works, but with olfactory ones, inviting the audience to participate and co-create a fragrance. Let's open ourselves to what the unconscious tells us and be free.

We also want to create a dialogue mediated through the Tarot, letting the cards tell us what to do, and see where it leads us. Klara and Miguel will obey the cards picked by the audience and discover in the end what smells the Tarot has for us.

Will this experiment smell amazing or just a chaotic mess? Will the collective audience join together for a beautiful unexpected perfume? Will the cards lead us to perfection ruled by the universe? We don't know but we want to discover and maybe have a revelation. 

From 6 pm to 8 pm we will collectively be blending, each participant can take a sample of the perfume as it is at the moment they want to leave the space.

From 8 pm to 9 pm we will let the Tarot cards blend a perfume for us.

Join us, let your unconscious free, we will be smelling and blending together in a playful and informal manner. We will be serving a special elixir cocktail designed for the event.

20 Agust 2022

6 pm - 9 pm

at the Smell Lab Berlin

Winnstr. 42, 10405,


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Blend your own perfume 

with Klara Ravat

During this workshop you will take part in an experimental scent design experience, involving the creation of your very own fragrance based on the perfume-making method. In the end, you will have your own unique signature scent that you have developed and created. In this workshop, we will become familiar with 20-25 different oils and aroma molecules, learn how they smell and to which olfactory family they belong. We will also learn their names and how to describe them. Once we are familiar with the ingredients and how they smell, we will learn the basics of how to design and mix scents. Then we will be ready to start playing around! Each guest will compose one fragrance inspired by their concept or story. You will take home a 10mL bottle of your scent. When you leave the Smell Lab Studio, your nose will never smell things the same!

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Past & Presents Scents of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece

with Alchemies of Scent & Klara Ravat

In this 2-day workshop, we are time-travelers moving back and forth from the ancient world of perfumery to today. You will learn the myths and stories of scents and substances of the Ancient Mediterranean by plunging into one of the first cross-cultural perfumes of the Greco-Egyptian world: the Metopion.

You will smell, touch and taste the difference between the raw ingredients used in the past and the prepared ingredients of today: bitter almond, cardamom, galbanum, myrrh, calamus, and honey. You will develop skills in interpreting ancient recipes, and you will learn how to use ancient recipes to experiment with scents in ancient and modern ways.

Date: TBA 

At Smell Lab Studio


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