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Believe it or not, not all the roses smell the same! The spectrum of rose aromas it’s quite large: it varies from delicious and delightful to, honestly, quite stinky. Also, there are many roses that smell green, fresh, honey, metallic, mossy, fruity, tea-like… Most people feel an urge to get a whiff when they see roses, but not many know what are the responsible ingredients for this seductive scent. Let’s examine together what exactly gives roses their distinct aroma and create the rose blend of our dreams!

- What is a floral accord?
- What’s a basic rose accord made of?
- Investigating our aroma molecules and oils in a  playful way.
- How does the rose of our dreams smell like? Is it spicy? Or very fruity? Sweet? Or rather woody? Or Musky?
- Scent design: selection of our ingredients and blending.

What you get:

  • Dossier

  • Formula shits

  • Fragrance ingredients

  • Scale

  • Bakers, pipettes, and others

  • 2x 5mL glass bottles

  • Snacks and soft drinks

What you take home:

  • Filled in dossier

  • Rose accord formula

  • 2 different rose accords


Smell Lab Studio

Winstr. 42, 10405


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