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Experience a part of ancient Egypt coming back to life through your nose!

with Dora Goldsmith and Klara Ravat



Throughout this workshop, you will learn about the smells that defined the mummification chambers and tombs, and the scents that the ancient Egyptians themselves wished to be surrounded by in their life after death. The event is run by Egyptologist Dora Goldsmith and olfactory artist Klara Ravat.


The workshop will take three hours and is made up of three components. In the first hour, Dora will teach you about the olfactory motivation for mummification and the substances employed during the process. You will be able to smell each ingredient and you will learn about their significance for the Egyptians and the reasons behind their use. In the second hour, Klara will give you an insight to the materials by teaching you about their composition and their use in modern perfumery. In the third and last hour, you will recreate the essence of mummification in a bottle by using the very same ingredients the ancient Egyptians employed for embalming their dead! Don’t worry, you will end up with an exceedingly pleasant smell!


Visit the Smell Lab in Berlin to learn about mummification and to experience a part of ancient Egypt coming back to life through your nose!




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